About Us

Jewish Federation of Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties assumes an active leadership role in the cultural, educational, philanthropic, religious, social and social welfare needs of Jews living in Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem Counties.

Guided by the mitzvot of tzedakah (charity), chesed (loving-kindness) and tikkun olam (repairing the world), we promote Jewish culture and heritage in the region and advocate for national and global Jewish interests, with a special focus on Israel and vulnerable Jewish populations around the world. 

What We Do

In cooperation with numerous partner organizations and community groups, Jewish Federation’s dedicated leadership, volunteers and professional staff promote Jewish culture and heritage in the region.

We develop and sponsor programming to serve the cultural, educational, philanthropic, religious, social, and social welfare needs of local, national and international Jewish communities.

We also create awareness and understanding of issues important to all Americans, including anti-Semitism, Holocaust education, discrimination and racism, international terrorism, poverty and human rights.


    A strong campaign allows us to keep our Jewish community viable, vibrant and vital.


    A professional staff and committed leadership ensure the strength of our community, but also en-sure a significant place at the national and global levels.


    Disaster response is a communal effort, and whenever and wherever disaster occurs, Jewish Fed-eration of Cumberland, Gloucester a Salem Counties and the national system of 155 federations swing into action.


    By bringing the Jewish world to our community, engaging our traditions and beliefs, and celebrating our rich culture.

Our History

The Jewish Community Council was established in March 1924 to serve the Jews of Bridgeton, Millville and Vineland. It provided coordinated cultural, educational, philanthropic, religious, social and welfare services through fundraising and programming. Its chief role was to administer annual giving campaigns through the local Allied Jewish Appeal, on behalf of the national United Jewish Appeal. 

Incorporated as Jewish Federation of Cumberland County in 1981, today we are the representative umbrella organization for Jews in Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties.

Jewish Heritage

The rich heritage of our local community and the entire Jewish people is a legacy and a treasure we must rejoice, preserve and pass on. Through remembrance, education and preservation we safeguard the memories, the faith and the sacrifices of those who came before us. The greatest gift to their legacy we can make is to strengthen and build upon this legacy for future generations.

Whether it be remembrance as a community and a people of the six million innocent victims of the Holocaust, educating others about the hatred that made their murder possible, teaching of the struggles survivors faced as immigrants to a new land, or celebrating and preserving the synagogues we have inherited, Jewish Federation is there to ensure that, with your help, all this happens.